AI SEO Tools You’ve Never Heard of (with pricing info)

AI SEO Tools You’ve Never Heard of (with pricing info)


What are AI-Powered SEO Tools?

AI SEO tools, my friends, are like giving spinach to Popeye for your website’s visibility. They are smart, efficient, and work at a pace that would make a cheetah feel inadequate. Just as a microwave makes cooking a breeze, these tools simplify the complex SEO process through the power of artificial intelligence. 

They analyze your website, suggest improvements, and even predict trends, all while you’re still trying to figure out the difference between a keyword and a car key. In essence, they are your SEO superheroes, ready to rocket your website ranking to the stratosphere. Ain’t technology grand?

Unmasking AI-Powered SEO Tools: A Numbers Game!

Did you know that around 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority? (HubSpot, 2020). It’s no joke!

These tools, powered by Artificial Intelligence, are the secret sauce to boosting your search engine ranking. They’re like the Sherlock Holmes of the internet, analyzing data, predicting trends, and offering solutions faster than you can say “Elementary, my dear Watson!” Check out SEMrush, Moz, or BrightEdge if you’re ready to take your SEO game to the next level! And remember, behind every great search engine ranking, there’s an AI tool working its magic!

Benefits of AI-Powered SEO Tools

So, let’s dive into the perks of having AI-powered SEO tools at your disposal. First off, they work 24/7, unlike your office coffee machine. That means while you’re dreaming about your next big idea, these tools are working hard, analyzing, optimizing, and planning how to make your business shine in the vast ocean of the internet. They’re like the digital superheroes you didn’t know you needed, fighting off the competition with their data-driven strategies.

These tools also help you understand your audience better than a mind reader at a carnival. They analyze user behavior, identify trends and preferences, and provide suggestions to make your content more engaging and relevant. They are like having your very own magic 8-ball, but instead of vague answers, you get actionable insights.

Lastly, they save you time and resources. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to have some extra time for that unplanned Netflix marathon or an impromptu taco Tuesday? With AI-powered SEO tools, you can focus on what you do best and let the AI handle the rest. Now, how’s that for work-life balance?

The Power of Autopilot: AI in Action

Now, let’s talk about the wonder of automated processes with AI-powered SEO tools. It’s like having a well-trained golden retriever that fetches your slippers, only now it’s fetching valuable data and making sense of it all for you. No more sifting through endless spreadsheets or trying to crack codes like a wannabe Sherlock Holmes. 

AI tools automate the majority of tedious SEO tasks, such as tracking rankings, generating reports, and identifying SEO issues.

Consider it your digital Jeeves – always available, always reliable, and probably more knowledgeable than most. Its proficiency at multitasking would make even an octopus envious, managing multiple SEO tasks simultaneously without breaking a sweat (not that it could, but you get the idea). 

With automated processes, you’re saving not only time, but also reducing the risk of human error. All this efficiency means you can finally catch up on that “must-watch” series everyone’s been talking about. So, kudos to AI, the unsung hero of SEO!

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

AI-powered SEO tools don’t just run on fluffy stuff and promises; they’re powered by cold, hard facts. For instance, according to a 2018 study by Ahrefs, 91% of web pages get no organic traffic from Google, primarily due to poor SEO. Now, imagine how this statistic could change if more people had their own digital Jeeves!

Moreover, NetMarketShare reveals that Google accounts for over 70% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 7.8%, Baidu at 7.2%, and Yahoo at 4.9%. Knowing this, your AI SEO tool can automatically prioritize Google search results in its strategy, thereby targeting the largest audience segment.

Then there’s the BrightEdge report which found that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search. This makes SEO not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have for any business hoping to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. AI, with its precision, speed, and in-depth data analysis, makes this task manageable and efficient. So, grab your AI SEO tool and let’s turn those stats around! Remember, every percent counts – especially if it’s getting you ahead of the competition.

Faster Results

With traditional SEO methods, it can feel like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack, and the haystack keeps growing. It’s a constant race against time and updates. However, AI-powered SEO tools are like having a super-powered magnet that finds that needle in no time. 

These tools analyze vast amounts of data at lightning speed, identifying trends and patterns that might take a human weeks or even months to uncover. So instead of grinding through data and second-guessing keyword relevance, you get to sip your coffee and watch as your website climbs the search engine ranks. Now that sounds like a productive day! So, remember: with AI, SEO becomes less of SOE (Slog Over Everything) and more of SEO (Sipping Espresso Outdoors).

Easy to Use Interface

Speaking of Sipping Espresso Outdoors, you’d probably imagine needing a degree in rocket science to operate these AI SEO tools. But, that’s where you’re wrong, my friend. These tools are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Think of it like this: if using an AI SEO tool was like piloting a spaceship, then the interface is the friendly robot co-pilot telling you exactly what to press. 

It’s intuitive and guides you through the whole process, making it easy for anyone (even self-confessed technophobes) to get the hang of it. So, no need to spend years studying astrophysics or mastering the art of brewing the perfect espresso – you can harness the power of AI for your SEO needs. Now, isn’t that awesome or what?

The Best AI-Powered SEO Tools


SurferSEO, my dear reader, is like having your very own digital surfboard, riding the waves of the internet ocean. This tool helps you analyze perfect keyword usage, provides SEO-driven insights for your content, and even gives you a peek at what your competitors are up to. With a pricing plan that starts at a reasonable $59 per month, it’s like getting a top-notch surfing lesson without burning a hole in your wallet. And the best part? You get to stay all dry and comfy while doing it! Ready to catch the wave? You can start your surfing journey right here.


Clearscope is another fantastic AI-powered tool that brings SEO clarity right to your fingertips. Picture this: you’re lost in a forest of keywords, complex SEO strategies, and endless content optimization. Suddenly, a superhero swoops in to save the day – and that superhero is Clearscope! 

With its easy-to-understand content grading system and comprehensive keyword suggestions, it’s like having a GPS for your content creation journey. Starting at $170 per month, it might seem like a bit of a splurge. But remember, investing in Clearscope is like purchasing a first-class ticket on the SEO express train, straight to the land of higher search engine rankings and increased website traffic. All aboard!


Third on our list, but certainly not the ‘third wheel,’ we present to you – Frase! If you ever wished for a magic wand that could instantly transform your ordinary content into SEO gold, then Frase is your genie in a bottle. This brilliant tool provides content briefs, question ideas, and topic scores, taking your content strategy from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ faster than you can say ‘algorithm’. With prices beginning at $45 per month, it’s like getting a golden ticket to the candy store of SEO sweets, and trust me, these treats are better than any Wonka Bar you’ve dreamed of. Ready to make your wish? Let’s get Frasing!


Roll out the red carpet, folks, because next up is the Hollywood superstar of the SEO world, MarketMuse! If SEO tools were a band, MarketMuse would be the lead singer – charismatic, talented, and always in the spotlight. Its content intelligence and strategy platform is like having your very own SEO orchestra, humming harmoniously to the rhythm of higher search rankings and traffic. 

The comprehensive content inventory analysis and research tools are the perfect ensemble to ensure your content hits all the right notes. Starting prices might make your wallet sing the blues at $1,500 per month, but remember, quality SEO tools are like rare vinyl records – they might cost a pretty penny, but the music they make is worth every cent. So tune your guitars and adjust your microphones, it’s time to rock the SEO stage with MarketMuse!


Last, but definitely not least is Botify– the ultimate SEO tool powerhouse. This innovative platform takes the guesswork out of optimizing and tracking website performance using data-driven visualizations to quickly identify issues and create solutions tailored specifically to your site. With plans beginning at $269 per month, you’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive set of SEO tools for


Accuranker is also an excellent choice for tracking keyword rankings. This feature-rich SEO tool boasts a wide range of specialized tools and expert insights to help you stay on top of the competition. From comprehensive audits and competitive analysis to rank tracking across multiple search engines, they have it all. And with plans beginning at $40 per month, it’s a great

How to Choose the Right AI-Powered SEO Tool for You

Choosing the right AI-powered SEO tool isn’t too different from finding the right band to obsess over. You want something reliable, consistent, and capable of delivering show-stopping performances every single time. So, start by identifying your specific needs – are you looking for detailed analytics, robust keyword tracking, or perhaps some snazzy data visualizations? 

Once you’ve got a decent setlist of requirements, compare the features, pricing, and reviews of different platforms. Don’t forget to take advantage of free trials or demos – they’re like the greatest hits album of the platform. And remember, it’s okay to be picky; after all, you’re the lead singer of your SEO strategy, and you want tools that’ll make you sound like a rockstar!

Consider Your Budget and Needs

Just like every band needs a solid drum kit or a killer bass, every SEO strategy requires certain core elements. One of those key elements is the price. If you’re running a small business, you don’t want to splurge on the most expensive system only to find out that your SEO tune still sounds a bit off. On the other hand, if you’re managing a large enterprise, a basic package might leave you feeling like you’re playing an acoustic set when you really need the power of an electric guitar.

The other part of the equation is your specific needs. Are you looking for a solo career or are you more of a band person? In other words, are you managing SEO for multiple websites or just one? Do you need international tracklisting, or are you focusing on a local crowd? Answering these questions will help you determine which SEO tools align with your rhythm and budget, ensuring a harmonious SEO strategy that’ll have you topping the charts in no time!


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