Appointment Setting

Generate Immediate Sales Opportunities

Our Approach to
Appointment Setting for B2B startups

Audience Targeting

Determining your ICP to ensure we are targeting the right people is essential. We also experiment with new target audiences to test the market. Often this is a great way to discover new opportunities to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy beyond appointment setting campaigns.

Messaging Development

Messaging is the key to any successful outreach. We take a non-sales approach with messaging while still targeting sales-ready leads. By using soft, non-pushy CTA's we get higher response rates and more sales meetings booked.

Testing and Iterating

Testing is a necessary component of any campaign. We use the data we have to get started, but the learning never stops. We take into account feedback from the responses we receive and iterate on messaging as needed.

We handle everything, just show up to the meetings

What does Appointment setting Include?

Our appointment setting service for B2B brands includes outreach on email and Linkedin channels. While other agencies offer outreach only on one channel, we always use both to maximize bookings.

If we beat expectations for meetings booked, there is no additional charge, so the more outreach we do, the more meetings you get for the same price.

We handle everything from start to finish – the end result is meetings booked in your calendar ready for you to convert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can target any leads list you would like, including cold leads and warm leads if you provide us with an existing list.

It’s not possible to guarantee results in anything, but especially in marketing. Appointment setting can work wonders for some industries, and not work as well in others. This goes for other marketing strategies as well, and we encourage all of our clients to see an automated appointment setting strategy as a test.

Appointment setting can be an effective long term strategy depending on many different factors. However, we never recommend for appointment setting to be the only marketing strategy a company uses because it is not considered a sustainable channel, unlike SEO and social media marketing.

Yes we source the list of contacts relevant for your business.