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become the Thought leader

An important part of building a brand is establishing thought leadership with original content.

Don’t underestimate great writing. Well researched and structured content helps to build trust and credibility with your audience over time. As your audience starts to rely on the content to stay up-to-date in their industry and to educate themselves in their job, they will eventually turn to you for your product when the need for it arises. 


flexible content plans

Content Strategy

We build your content strategy to align with your brand voice, business objectives, and SEO strategy. By bringing all these pieces together we can create a cohesive content strategy to drive results.

Keyword Research

We do a comprehensive keyword research analysis to identify existing and new opportunities for blog content, web copy enhancements, and additional pages for your website.

More Than Blogs

We don't just write blog posts. We can help with web copy, white papers, social media content, and more. Everything from top to bottom of funnel.

Complex Subject Matter

We have experts in all areas of software and tech products. Finding a knowledgeable and skilled writer in your niche is easy - just review samples from our writers who have the knowledge and experience you're looking for.

Content Development

We have a network of hundreds of B2B tech startup content experts. With our affordable content service you can consistently maintain the addition of high quality content on your website.

Content Optimization

There are often opportunities in existing content. If you have high performing blog posts, they can likely perform even better. Our content optimization plan ensures your existing content is up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices and increases web traffic and leads.

Our Expertise

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Reach your audience

The key to good content is content that adds value to your audience. It’s unique, demonstrates expertise, and keeps the reader engaged. However, content should also help you rank in Google, and to achieve this it must meet specific criteria so that search engines can understand who to serve it to. 



Pro Tip – add 5 links from existing blog posts to each new blog post you publish. Creating an internal linking structure is essential to SEO success.

Content Strategy

We help clients with writing content as well as their B2B content marketing strategy. We do a comprehensive competitive analysis and content gap to identify areas of opportunity for your website. We also make content recommendations to optimize the content on your key pages, as well as create blog content schedules in line with your targeted keywords.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We first start with identifying your target audience and important keywords. 

We then analyze your direct competitors as well as indirect competitors who are competing for the same keywords.

By looking at a combination of factors, such as domain authority, links profile, current rankings, and the types of content your competitors have, we make recommendations on what content you need on your website as well as provide content ideas for your blog.

We have a large network of writers specializing in different niches and industries. Most of our content writers specialize in B2B content strategy and familiar with the B2B buyers journey. Many of our writers also have technical B2B SaaS expertise.

We offer a paid trial piece of content at $50 per blog article.

Our writers do not use AI to write content. They may use AI to create an SEO optimized blog article outline, and we actually recommend this to ensure the blog content is well structured and competitive. 

We pride ourselves in our SEO content knowledge and specialized niche expertise in most B2B industries. 

With a large network of content marketers, we’re able to support small and large projects with different content types, and high quality content